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Top 10 Most Valuable Buffalo Indian Nickel 

Top 10 Most Valuable Buffalo Indian Nickel 

James Earle Fraser designed the Buffalo Nickel series, which was in circulation for 25 years, from 1913 to 1938. For collectors, buffalo nickels have become highly wanted. Although older and misprinted nickels are considered to be the most precious, buffalo nickels in mint condition are usually worth more than those in less desirable condition. Get all there is to know about this popular rare coin and its current value by continuing to read.

Top 10 Most Valuable Buffalo Indian Nickel 

1. 1918 D Buffalo Nickel: 8 Over 7 $264,500

Year: 1918

Grade: MS65

Price: $264,500

During 1917 and 1918, the U.S. Mints produced an exceptionally high number of coins due to public hoarding of small denomination coinage, spurred by the export of small change overseas. One rare error coin resulting from this period is the 1918-D Buffalo Nickel struck over a 1917-D cent. The exact quantity of these errors is unknown, but discovering one could lead to substantial wealth. On average, a 1918-D Buffalo Nickel is valued at $1,713, with Uncirculated conditions such as MS-60 and MS-63 ranging from $38,819 to $64,395—though finding one in such pristine condition is exceedingly rare. In January 2010, a 1918/7-D 5C MS65 was sold for an astounding $264,500.00, showcasing the immense worth potential of these unique coins.

2. 1916 P Buffalo Nickel: Doubled Die Obverse $264,500

Year: 1916 

Grade: MS64

Price:  $264,500

The 1916 Buffalo Nickel with a Doubled Die Obverse error is a rare find, distinguished by the doubled year on the coin. Despite remaining undiscovered for over four decades after its production, today it commands significant value. An average 1916 Buffalo Nickel fetches $4,507, while in Uncirculated MS condition, it can reach anywhere from $68,399 to $159,442, depending on its state of preservation. Due to its extreme rarity, even a less pristine example can still fetch thousands of dollars. A 1916 5C Doubled Die Obverse MS64 sold for $264,500.00 on Sep 22, 2005.

3. 1913 S Buffalo Nickel $192,000

Year: 1913

Grade: PR66

Price:  $192,000

Since it was made of three mints and had six variations, the 1913 Buffalo Nickel is a unique coin. The kind, mintmark, and general condition of the coin must all be taken into account to assess its worth.

The 1913 S Buffalo Nickel stands out as being very valued in the series. According to the USA coin book, it is worth $454 in average condition. But in Uncirculated MS Condition, its value rises significantly to $1,028 to $1,226 or more.

Also, a 1913 Buffalo Nickel in PR66 condition sold for an amazing $192,000 in a noteworthy auction on April 23, 2021, confirming its position as one of the most valuable Buffalo Nickels ever struck.

4. 1917 S Buffalo Nickel $138,000

Year: 1917

Grade: MS67

Price: $138,000

The 1917 S Buffalo Nickel, which was made in San Francisco and had a mintage of 4,193,000, is a unique addition to our collection. Even though a large number of these coins were in circulation, some have been preserved and are now worth hundreds of dollars.

In terms of its outstanding value, an MS67 1917-S 5C graded by PCGS sold for an amazing $138,000. It was auctioned off on July 31, 2008. But even with its rarity, this coin’s average value is only about $45. Its value in Uncirculated MS condition is between $507 to $1,318.

5. 1919 S Buffalo Nickel $109,250

Year: 1919

Grade: MS66

Price: $109,250

1919 was an important year in American history because it included the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the repatriation of troops from the war. Also, it saw the minted of the 1919 Buffalo Nickel in Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, which is now very valuable.

One of the most valuable Buffalo Nickels is the 1919-S, which is extremely hard to find in Gem condition, even rare in Mint State, and especially rare in circulating grades. The San Francisco-minted series of Buffalo nickels are frequently the most sought-after among the collection’s many varieties.

1919-S Buffalo Nickel: In normal condition, it is worth $23, while in uncirculated MS state, it may have values between $689 and $1,981.n.

An outstanding sale of this coin arose on October 24, 2006, where a 1919-S 5C MS66 was sold for an amazing $109,250.00.

5. 1926 S Buffalo Nickel $105,750

Year: 1926

Grade: MS65

Price: $105,750

A 1926-S Buffalo Nickel that PCGS confirmed MS65 sold for an amazing $105,750 at auction in 2013. The coin’s great rarity—it is almost impossible to find in higher circumstances and very difficult to find in average conditions—contributes to its high value. A 1926-S Buffalo Nickel is about $51 on average in regular condition; however, its value can reach as high as $10,502 in uncirculated mint condition (MS+).

6. 1920 D Buffalo Nickel $97,750

Year: 1920

Grade: MS66

Price: $97,750

Denver Mint made 9,418,000 Buffalo Nickels in 1920, all of which had the “D” mint mark. The coin is now highly rare and much sought after, even with its relatively high mintage. Through the years, its value has risen. A 1920-D Buffalo Nickel in MS66 condition brought an amazing $97,750.00 at auction. This is a lot of money to pay for a five-cent piece, but it makes sense knowing how rare the coin is.

A 1920-D Buffalo Nickel can be valued as much as $657 in perfect condition, but in common condition, it is only worth $17, according to the USA Coin Book.

7. 1937 D Buffalo Nickel: 3 Legs $85,187.50

Year: 1937

Grade: MS67

Price: $85,187.50

In the Buffalo Nickel Series, the 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel is an extremely valuable error coin. Easily recognized by the buffalo’s missing leg, which makes its three sturdy legs stand out. According to the USA Coin Book, the coin might be worth $721 in normal condition and between $2,813 and $5,842 in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. It would be really hard to find one in perfect condition.

A 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel graded M67 sold for an amazing $85,187.50 at an auction on April 28, 2016, showing the enormous demand and scarcity of this error coin.

8. 1923 S Buffalo Nickel $67,562.50

Year: 1923

Grade: MS66

Price: $67,562.50

With just 6.1 million made, the 1923-S Buffalo Nickel is comparatively rare and difficult to find. According to related coins from the same era, its estimated value in mint condition is between $658 and $1,028. In average condition, its estimated value is about $11.

Excellent grades are very valuable but extremely rare. One of the most popular 1923-S Buffalo Nickels was a 1923-S graded MS66 by PCGS that sold for an amazing $67,562.50 at auction on June 6, 2013.

9. 1929 P Buffalo Nickel $63,250

Year: 1929

Grade: MS67

Price: $63,250

Although it has a P mintmark, the 1929 Philadelphia mint Buffalo Nickel is one of the most valuable coins in American history. Its great worth is further enhanced by the rarity of identifying one in perfect condition, as there were only 36,446,000 made. A 1929 P Buffalo Nickel with a grade of MS67 sold for an amazing $63,250 on May 5, 2005. You will rarely find another in the same condition, while average-condition coins may be easy to find.

10. 1925 D Buffalo Nickel $54,625

Year: 1925

Grade: MS66

Price: $54,625

Among the 15 Most Valuable Buffalo Nickels, the 1925-D has been known to be one of the rarest coins to be found in well-struck condition. Its estimated value in the ordinary condition is about $23, but in uncirculated mint condition, it may be worth as much as $454–$847, however, these are rare specimens.

On August 9, 2007, a 1925-D Buffalo Nickel with an NGC grade of MS66 sold for an amazing $54,625.00 at auction. This coin’s outstanding value is mainly due to its relative rarity in all grades.

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The value of a Buffalo Nickel depends on various factors such as its year, mintmark, grade, and any errors or unique features. For collectors, buffalo nickels have become highly wanted. Although older and misprinted nickels are considered to be the most precious, buffalo nickels in mint condition are usually worth more than those in less desirable condition.


1. What’s the most valuable buffalo nickel?

The 1918-D Buffalo Nickel with the 8 Over 7 mistake is the most valuable; in MS65 condition, it sold for an amazing $264,500.00.

2. How much is a buffalo nickel worth?

The value of a Buffalo Nickel depends on various factors such as its year, mintmark, grade, and any errors or unique features. On average, a Buffalo Nickel can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, with exceptionally rare specimens fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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