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10 Most Valuable Quarter Error Coins Worth Money

10 Most Valuable Quarter Error Coins Worth Money

Coin collection is a profitable and enjoyable hobby that has attracted people for many years. Nickels have a unique attraction and value, even if many people like to focus on quarters, dimes, and other attractive coins. The top ten rare and valuable coins that are worth money will be discussed in detail, along with information on their markets, rarity, and histories.

List of 10 Most Valuable Quarter Error Coins Worth Money

1. 1965 SMS Washington Quarter Broad struck

This Special Mint Set quarter error gets attention even though it isn’t a state quarter. The 1965 SMS Washington Quarter variation in question has a known broad striking error. To put it simply, your quarter might have this problem if you look at the back and see a lot of space around the coin.

If the 1965 Washington Quarter has the broadstruck error. both sides will be a pale gray and highly reflective. This quarter could possibly be more visually appealing than the 1965 SMS Washington Quarter standard edition.

2. 1971-S Washington Quarter

The 1971 Washington Quarter with the identified San Francisco Mint’s “S” mint mark is only one-quarter worth of money if you’re looking for this information. It is very common in most grades, but if it is in superb Mint State (MS+) condition, it could rank among the most important US coins.

It’s difficult to find a 1971-S Proof Washington Quarter in PR68 Deep Cameo or greater due to they’re so rare. Silver quarters from the 1960s are easier to acquire in high-grade Proof Cameo and Deep Cameo form than these highly collectible proof coins.

On the coin’s back is the popular image of George Washington facing left, coupled with a huge eagle with full wings holding logs.

3. 1999-P Connecticut Quarter Feeder Finger Coin Error

This version of the 1999-established Connecticut Quarter struck in Philadelphia, has a feeder finger error. To place it only, the feeder’s fingers naturally pull coin planchets into place so that dies hit them correctly. Errors with the fingers can jam them, allowing quarters to grow stuck in the fingers or all over the coin in the machine.

Their value has been boosted by the rarity of this state quarter error. One example is the Connecticut Quarter from 1999-P. You may have a coin worth numerous thousand dollars if you find one of these quarters.

4. 1999-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar/Georgia Quarter Hybrid

Made in 1999 in Philadelphia, the Susan B. Anthony dollar in Georgia quarter has been referred to as a “double denomination coin.” While designed to be struck on a dollar coin, this coin was also struck on a Georgia Quarter. As a result, the coin’s surface has features from the original dollar and Georgia quarter designs.

These coins can be identified by the word “Georgia” which occurs anytime on the surface and by the confused designs that leave the wording confusing or unreadable. In any case, when these coins are sold at auction, they usually fetch thousands of dollars.

5. 2000-P Maryland Quarter/Dime Hybrid

The Philadelphia Mint made a few Maryland quarters on clad dime planchets by error in 2000. George Washington’s side profile is near to the edges of the coin on the reverse side.

These coins are fairly rare, as the Philadelphia Mint is recognized for its quality assurance procedures. If you have the chance to find one of these coins, stay in mind that if it goes up for auction, it might fetch several thousand dollars.

6. 2002-P Indiana Quarter Struck on Dime Planchet

The Philadelphia Mint made Indiana quarters in 2002, but they were mistakenly struck on dime planchets. The planchets were very small to intended the quarters, thus the coins were cut into too-small sizes, which generated coinage that was not round.

There’s not a great deal more to these state quarter error coins than interesting collectors. And they’re rare. If the image appears to have been cropped and is well-centered, you may be certain that you have one of these coins.

7. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter Error Coin with Extra High Leaf

Extra High Leaf on the 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter Error Coin

A small error in the designs of the 2004 Wisconsin State quarters made in Denver could be found. Particularly, the edge of the coin with the corn cobs on these quarters includes one extra leaf.

2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter errors are worth more than normal because of their interesting and attractive errors; they may occasionally reach several hundred dollars when traded online. The extra corn stock leaf may suggest upward or downward; the latter condition is directed to as a “high leaf” quarter.

8. 2004-D Wisconsin Mint Mark Quarter with Extra Low Leaf

There could be the possibility of an error with an extra low leaf on the Wisconsin state quarter that was hit in Denver in 2004. In this case, the leaf on the reverse side of the coin faces down near the corn stock.

This state quarter error coin is unique in its low-leaf style since it does not come with the “D” mint mark, which implies that it was made in Denver. The “D” ought to be on the coin’s face, though.

9. 2005-P Minnesota Quarter with Extra Tree Mint Error

The 2005 Minnesota Quarter is regarded to keep a familiar image of fishers sailing on a lake with trees. However, some quarters were minted in Philadelphia with extra trees.

With a magnifying glass, check the right area of the Minnesota state outline on your 2005-P Minnesota quarter to review for this state quarter error. You hold one of these in error quarters if there are multiple little lumps to the right of the tiniest tree!

10. 2009-D District of Columbia Double Die State Quarter Error

There is also an opportunity that the 2004 Denver state quarter with an extra low leaf is an error. In this case, the opposite side of the coin keeps the leaf showing below observing the corn stock.

Because it ignores the “D” mint mark, which means it has been struck in Denver, the low-leaf variant of this state quarter error coin is unique. The “D” should, however, be on the coin’s front side.

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These valuable quarter error coins have a range of unique errors, from broad striking errors to double-denomination mixtures. Each error adds rarity and value to the coins, causing them sought after by collectors. Whether it’s a feeder finger error or a double die error, these coins can fetch thousands of dollars at auction due to their scarcity and intriguing errors.

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