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Top 13 Most Valuable State Quarter Coins Worth Money

Top 13 Most Valuable State Quarter Coins Worth Money

To collect state quarters is to find the highest quality, best-looking quarters. However, the collection of state quarter errors allows you to hold some high-value quarters worth because of their rare errors.

Today, let’s explore the 13 most valuable state quarter coins worth money — these errors could represent a perfect addition to your collection!

The Story Behind Statehood Quarters

The State Quarter program is designed to spark interest in coin collecting and American history. It developed into one of the most successful numismatic initiatives in US history, with about half of all Americans participating in organizing. The federal government reaped around $3 billion from collectors who brought many coins out of circulation.

Although no new coins are being minted now, interest in rare state quarters has surged. These quarters are highly sought after due to striking errors, monetary value, or scarcity, with some variations having very limited mintages.

How Can I Recognize a Valuable State Quarter?

To recognize a valuable state quarter, look for unique features or errors such as misprints, double dies, off-center strikes, or any unique marks not found on standard quarters. Also, review the mint mark and the year if it matches any known rare quarters. You can use a magnifying glass that helps to spot these details, and consulting a respected coin guide or numismatic specialist can provide further confirmation.

List Of Top 13 Most Valuable State Quarter Coins

Let’s take a look at the 13 rarest and most valuable state quarters worth money.

1. 1999 Pennsylvania MS 67 (Philadelphia Mint Mark)

One of the rarest and most valuable state quarters is the 1999 Pennsylvania MS 67. Featuring a design by John Merchanti, it showcases Pennsylvania’s outline and the words “VIRTUE LIBERTY INDEPENDENCE.” Despite nearly 350 million quarters minted, this specific variation is now highly elusive. Some have sold for thousands of dollars, with one mint condition coin fetching over $10,000 in 2006.

2. 1999 Georgia State Quarter

The 1999 Georgia State Quarter is a sought-after rare coin due to a clipped planchet mistake. This results in a concave shape caused by an overlapped blanking die punching a hole in the coin metal strip. These quarters, minted at the Philadelphia Mint and marked with a “P,” feature a design showcasing a peach (Georgia’s state symbol) and branches of a live oak tree (the state tree). Their rarity makes them valuable, with some selling for around $11 each.

3. 1999 Delaware State Quarter

The 1999 Delaware state quarter showcases Caesar Rodney, the state’s former governor. Among the earliest state quarters minted, it features a reverse design with a horse and a raised line near its mouth, creating the appearance of “spitting” towards the side, due to a die break error. This unique quarter typically fetches around $5 to $15 on average, though some collectors or shops may offer up to $30 for it.

4. 2000 New Hampshire Quarter

The 2000 New Hampshire state quarter features a distinct design, showcasing an image of the “old man of the mountain” on a mountainous background. However, a unique error makes this quarter potentially valuable. The error occurs when the state’s name, “New Hampshire,” doesn’t appear at the top of the reverse side because it was mistakenly struck on a Jefferson nickel planchet. This creates a planchet mint error or double denomination error, possibly increasing the quarter’s value to hundreds of dollars.

5. 2002-P Indiana Quarter Struck on Dime Planchet

In 2002, the Philadelphia Mint mistakenly struck Indiana quarters on dime planchets, resulting in smaller, misshapen coins. These error coins are rare collectibles, identifiable by their fairly centered image and cut-off borders.

6. 2003 Illinois Quarter (Philadelphia Mint)

The 2003 Illinois state quarter, minted in Philadelphia, is among the most valuable variations. With approximately 226 million in circulation, its value is enhanced by the depiction of Abraham Lincoln on the reverse side. The design includes Lincoln, the Chicago skyline, and a dairy farm, representing the state’s significant city and industry. Due to their scarcity, these quarters are valued at around $1 each.

7. 2003 Missouri Quarter (Philadelphia Mint)

The 2003 Missouri State Quarter, minted in Philadelphia with 225 million produced, is a collector’s favorite. It showcases a distinctive design of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis spanning the Mississippi River on the reverse side. Despite the inaccuracy, collectors actively seek this coin, with mint condition quarters valued at around $1 each.

8. 2004 Wisconsin Extra Leaf Low MS 67 (Denver Mint)

The 2004 Wisconsin state quarter is known for an unintentional error, making it a sought-after collectible. Referred to as the “Extra Low Leaf” quarter, it displays an additional leaf near the bottom of the corn stalk on the reverse side. There’s also another version with an extra leaf higher up on the stalk. These quarters typically fetch around $50, with uncirculated coins potentially valued over $100.

9. 2004 Michigan Quarter (Denver Mint)

The 2004 Michigan Quarter, minted in Denver, saw approximately 226 million produced. This state quarter, relatively scarce, portrays a relief design of the Great Lakes on its reverse side. Worn coins hold face value, while uncirculated pieces are valued at around $1 each. The design intricately showcases Michigan nestled against the Great Lakes, with the “Great Lakes State” slogan strategically placed to allow ample space for the design.

10. 2005-P Minnesota Quarter with Extra Tree Mint Error

The 2005-P Minnesota Quarter was intended to depict fishermen on a serene lake backdrop, but some Philadelphia-minted quarters feature an extra tree error. To identify this error, examine the quarter with a magnifying glass, focusing on the right side of the outline of Minnesota. If there are additional small lumps beside the smallest tree, you have one of these error quarters.

11. 2008 Alaska State Quarter

The 2008 Alaska state quarter, worth up to $81 each, boasts a distinctive design featuring a grizzly bear devouring a salmon on the reverse side. Look out for a unique error: missing pieces on the right side, known as “end of sheet straight clip error,” “ragged clip error,” or “end of strip error.” This results in a jagged and distinct appearance, making these quarters easily recognizable.!

12. 2008 Oklahoma Quarter (Philadelphia Mint)

The 2008 Oklahoma State Quarter, minted in Philadelphia, is one of the rarest state quarters found in circulation. With only about 200 million produced during the Great Recession, it holds considerable value. Its elegant design features the Oklahoma state bird, the scissortail flycatcher, making it highly sought after. While worn coins are valued at face value, mint condition or uncirculated pieces can be worth up to $1.25 or more.

13. 2009-D District of Columbia Double Die State Quarter Error

The 2009-D District of Columbia State Quarter, minted in Denver, features a valuable error, a double die error. Specifically, the word “Ellington” will have an extra “Ell,” visual in the keys of the piano or Duke Ellington’s arm. These errors are very rare, with only a dozen officially approved and graded by third-party coin certificate companies.

What makes a state quarter rare and valuable?

Low mintage numbers, errors at minting, and exceptional condition make state quarters rare and valuable. Special editions, like proof sets or quarters with unique minting errors, misprints, off-center strikes, or double dies, can increase the value. Collectors value quarters that have not been worn and have been preserved in uncirculated condition.

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While many quarters are valuable only because they are attractive to look at and are in excellent condition, some are important because of unique designs or minting errors. The 1999 Pennsylvania MS 67 and the 2009-D District of Columbia Double Die State Quarter Error are just a few of the rare and valuable state quarters that show the variety and appeal of coin collecting. 

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