1800 Draped Bust Dime: A Numismatic Rarity

1800 Draped Bust Dime

The 1800 Draped Bust Dime, famous for its historical value, beautiful design, and rarity, is a beautiful example of early American coinage. Struck in Philadelphia, this coin represents the artistry of its day and is now highly sought following by numismatists.

History of 1800 Draped Bust Dime

The United States Mint started producing half dimes again in 1800, having a break from production from 1798 to 1799. The transition from exploratory to more standardized designs marked an important moment in American coinage at this time. Robert Scot is known for creating the Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle design, which represents the early phases of American numismatic art.


  • Designer: Robert Scot
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Diameter: 19.80 millimeters
  • Weight: 2.70 grams
  • Mintage: 21,760
  • Metal Composition: 89.2% Silver, 10.8% Copper
  • Mint: Philadelphia

Basic Design:

  • Obverse: Liberty appears on the obverse side of the coin, looking right, with her hair bound in a ribbon. With the date below and the text “LIBERTY” above, she is surrounded by stars.
  • Reverse: The reverse has a heraldic eagle, representing peace and safety, with its wings spread, carrying an olive branch and a bundle of arrows. In place of the eagle’s chest, there is a shield with the inscription “E PLURIBUS UNUM” inscribed on a ribbon. The text “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is written above the eagle, which is surrounded by stars and clouds.

Value of 1800 Draped Bust Dime 

The 1800 Draped Bust Dime is extremely rare, especially in such excellent condition. Many of these are still in excellent shape, which makes collectors want them more and more. A specimen in MS66 grade made a record when it auctioned for $352,500 at auction in 2014, indicating its high worth in the numismatic world.

Condition and Rarity:

Strong striking and beautiful details, like Liberty’s curls and the eagle’s elaborate coloring, are often observed in preserved specimens of the 1800 Draped Bust Dime. The attraction is further increased by the fields’ luster and die-clash evidence. Amazingly few coins got a higher grade from organizations such as NGC, highlighting their uniqueness and value

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Bottom Line:

As a representation of early American coinage, the 1800 Draped Bust Dime combines artistry, history, and rarity. Due to its style and state, it is highly collectible by collectors and offers an example of the early United States Mint’s expertise. Whether for its artistic or historical value, having a coin like this indicates a link to the United States’ rich numismatic impact and a unique piece of American history.

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