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1824 Capped Bust Quarter: A Numismatic Rarity

1824 Capped Bust Quarter

In the world of numismatics, the 1824 Capped Bust Quarter is a monument to history and rarity. This coin is highly desirable by collectors and enthusiasts alike, even though it was not included in the official coinage til 1824. It’s worth and attraction in the coin collection world is due to its unique qualities and low mintage. 

History of 1824 Capped Bust Quarter

Although quarter dollars were not officially minted in 1824, there are situations of the 1824/2 Capped Bust Quarter that survive, which provides an enjoyable factor to its historical story. The purchase order for 16,000 quarters that had been issued on December 31, 1823, is believed to have contained a large number of 1824/2 pieces; the actual mintage was likely close to this amount. This coin’s significance in history has been enhanced by its ancient nature along with a known deceased marriage.


  • Diameter: 27mm
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Composition: 89.2% Silver, 10.8% Copper
  • Weight: 6.74 grams
  • Mintage: 24,000
  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Designer: John Reich

Basic Design of 1824 Capped Bust Quarter

  • Obverse: 

The coin’s obverse shows the famous Capped Bust symbol, which shows Lady Liberty looking left and with a star-studded liberty cap. The term “LIBERTY” arcs about her head, and the year “1824” shows up below it.

  • Reverse: 

On the reverse side is the representation of a royal eagle having an olive branch in its talons, its wings spread, and arrows in its grip. The eagle’s chest is covered, and on top of it is a banner with the phrase “E PLURIBUS UNUM” took place. The phrase “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and the number “25C” are written on the edge of the wreath-encircling eagle.

Value Of 1824 Capped Bust Quarter:

As per the NGC Price Guide, a circulated 1824/2 Capped Bust Quarter might be valued at about $575 and $25,000. Uncirculated examples, on the other hand, are much more valuable; some may be sold for as much as $175,000 on the open market.

Rarity and Condition: 

The low mintage and rarity of surviving examples, particularly in excellent mint state situations, highlights the 1824 Capped Bust Quarter’s rarity. The majority of them display different levels of use, with only a few numbers maintained in perfect condition. Collectors appreciate the best examples that have been identified, such as the Pogue PCGS MS64 and the Eliasberg:1387.

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One of the numismatic rarities that brings together historical significance with collector allure is the 1824 Capped Bust Quarter. Numismatists value it strongly because of its unique features, small mintage, as well as various conditions. It continues to be an important date in the world of Capped Bust Quarters, attracting collectors with its surprise and charm and ensuring its enduring reputation in the coin-collecting world.

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