1893 CC Morgan Silver Dollar: A Guide for Coin Enthusiasts

1893 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan silver dollar coins that were struck between 1878 and 1921 have the 1893-CC One Dollar. This coin, which was struck at Carson City and is known as a Proof (PR) strike, is 90% silver and 10% copper, having an 8 rarity rating.

The very rare 1893-CC branch-mint-proof Morgan dollars are in high demand among collectors of Morgan dollars. There are only 12 coins known when they come up for sale, they bring huge amounts of revenue. One specimen, considered NGC PR66CAM, for example, brought in $323,125 at the 2013 Stack’s-Bowers auction. According to many people, the 1893-CC-proof Morgan dollars are the ideal of the Morgan dollar their combination of the attractiveness of the highly sought-after proof strike with the rarity and mythology of the 1893-CC key date from the popular Carson City Mint.

History Of 1893 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar was made at the Nevada-based Carson City Mint (677,000 coins total) in large quantities and is an important part of numismatic history. The 1893-CC stands out in the series because of its value, even though its mintage isn’t as amazing as other branch mints’. Its historical value is improved by the fact, that this coin shows the last year that Morgan dollars were made at the Carson City Mint. 

It’s an important date in the Morgan Dollar series because of how few uncirculated copies have survived because of its age and conservation challenges. Gem-quality examples of the 1893-CC may get prices in the mid-five figure range, showing its rarity and collectors’ demand. Uncirculated specimens of the coin command high value, usually going into four figures.


Designer: george t. Morgan
Edge: reeded
Diameter: 38.10 millimeters
Weight: 26.73 grams
Mintage: 677,000
Mint: carson city
Metal: 90% silver, 10% copper
Auction Record: $161,000 • ms66 • 07-18-2013 • legend rare coin auctions

Basic Design:

Obverse: Liberty’s image shows in the center of the obverse side of a coin and seven stars with the words E*PLURIBUS*UNUM appear on the left side, while six stars are placed on the right side of the obverse side of the coin. The date is shown at the very bottom.

Reverse: The heraldic eagle is surrounded by olive leaves and perched with a cluster of arrows and a branch. The outermost part is bordered by the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA * ONE DOLLAR. If what you see is a mint mark, it shows up above the letters DO in DOLLAR.

Value 1893 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

According to the NGC Price Guide, a Morgan Dollar from 1893 CC in the circulated condition is worth between $220 and $3975 as of June 2024. However, 1893 CC Silver Dollars in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for as much as $142500 on the open market.

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Struck at America’s frontier mint in Carson City, Nevada, a few miles from the extremely valuable Comstock Lode silver mine, the 1893-CC was the last issued Morgan silver dollar. But the little Carson City Mint had closed in 1893 because of the Comstock vein being closed. The 1893-CC Morgan silver dollar is in high demand in the series because of the final “CC” mint mark issue and its extreme rarity across all grades.!

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