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Top 10 Most Valuable 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Coin Worth Money

Top 10 Most Valuable 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Coin Worth Money

The 2000 P Sacagawea dollar minted in Philadelphia is part of a series that was launched in 2000 but not widely circulated from 2002 to 2008. Some 2000 P Sacagawea dollars are valuable to collectors due to their variety. We’ll explore which ones are valuable in the most valuable 2000 P Sacagawea dollar coin and why. 

Most Valuable 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar Coin

Some of the most collectible coins are the best-quality coins and the most valuable. But it’s very unique for the Mint to make an error and for the resulting coins to be released rather than scrapped which makes it rare and valuable.

Some Sacagawea dollars have valuable errors, while others without errors gain value based on their condition. Coins are graded from 1 to 70, with 1 being poor and 70 perfect. 

List Of Top 10 Most Valuable 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Coin

1. 2000 P $1 Sacagawea Dollar, Struck Over A 2000-P Massachusetts Quarter, MS63 $8,813

A 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar was struck over a 2000 P Massachusetts Quarter, resulting in a coin showing the ghostly image of the quarter beneath Sacagawea’s portrait. Despite its unique nature, the coin was well-struck and graded MS63 by PCGS. It sold at auction in 2013 for $8,813. 

2. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar, Double Struck, Flip-Over In Collar, MS64 $2,760

This particular coin was double-struck, meaning it flipped in the collar during minting. Despite the error, it was in excellent condition, graded MS64 by NGC. MS stands for “mint state,” indicating no circulation. A grade of MS64 is just below “gem quality,” making it sought after by collectors. It sold for $2,760.

3. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar Struck On Susan B. Anthony Dollar Planchet, MS65 $16,800

A 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar struck on a Susan B. Anthony Dollar planchet, graded MS65, sold for $16,800 at auction. This error, known as an “off-metal” error, is rare. The Susan B. Anthony dollars were clad in a copper-nickel alloy, while the Sacagawea dollars were clad in copper and zinc. This mistake likely occurred due to a planchet intended for a Susan B. Anthony dollar being used for a Sacagawea dollar.

4. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar, Struck 50% Off-Center, MS66 $3,120

In 2000, a 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar was struck 50% off-center, graded MS66 by NGC, and sold for $3,120. Off-center errors occur when the planchet is not properly aligned between the dies during striking. 

This results in missing parts of the design, creating a unique and unusual coin. Despite the error, the visible parts of the design were crisp and clear, contributing to its gem quality grade. Off-center errors are rare among Sacagawea coins, making them highly collectible.

5. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar Struck On 25c Planchet, MS67 $7,800

A 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar struck on a quarter planchet, graded MS67, sold for $7,800. This error is rare and highly sought after by collectors. The similarity in diameter between dollar and quarter planchets allowed this error to occur. 

Coins in excellent condition with clean strikes are particularly valuable. Another example graded MS66 sold for $4,560 in 2021, while a beautiful MS67 example fetched $7,800 in 2022. However, prices can vary greatly, as evidenced by a different MS67 example selling for $4,080 in January 2023.

6. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar Mule With State 25c Obverse, MS67 $200,000

The most famous and valuable 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar is the “mule” error, combining the obverse of a Washington Statehood quarter with the reverse of a Sacagawea dollar. Only about a dozen of these exist, making them exceptionally rare. 

Some have reportedly sold privately for up to $250,000, but public sales data shows varying values. The finest known examples, graded MS67, have fetched prices ranging from $102,000 to $192,000 at auction. PCGS estimates their value today at $200,000.

7. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar, “Wounded Eagle” FS-901, MS68 $5,160

The 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar variety known as the “Wounded Eagle” features a die flaw on the reverse, resembling a line on the eagle’s belly. This error is rare, with fewer than 600 certified examples by PCGS. 

Most are graded between 64 and 66, but the finest, graded MS68, are even rarer. Only four MS68 examples are known, one of which sold in 2017 for $5,160. Despite the discovery of a fourth coin, the PCGS estimates the value of the same coin at $5,000 today.

8. 2000 P Sacagawea “Cheerios” Dollar, MS68 $11,500

The 2000 P Sacagawea “Cheerios” Dollar, with detailed tail feathers on the reverse, is highly sought after. Only 150 have been found, graded between MS63 and MS68+. Even an MS63 example is valued at $2,600 by PCGS. 

The auction record for an MS68 coin was $10,200 in 2020, with PCGS valuing them at $11,500 today. One coin graded MS68+ has yet to be sold but would likely break records if offered at auction.

9. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar, MS69 $5,100

The 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar in MS69 condition is valued at $5,100. Not all valuable coins have errors; some are simply rare and collectible due to their condition. Of the 767 million minted in Philadelphia, most entered circulation, resulting in wear and tear. Circulated coins are typically worth face value unless they have an interesting error. 

Even uncirculated coins vary in value depending on their condition. The PCGS estimates that 306 million uncirculated coins survive, with MS60 to MS62+ graded coins valued at a dollar. The finer the condition, the fewer examples exist, making them more valuable to collectors. Coins graded MS67+ are valued at $24, but at MS68+, their value jumps to $350. Only four coins graded MS69 have been found, each valued at $5,100 according to PCGS.

10. 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar, Goodacre Presentation Set, Type 2, SP69 $5,200

The 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar, Goodacre Presentation Set, Type 2, graded SP69, is valued at $5,200. Glenna Goodacre, the artist behind the Sacagawea design, was paid $5,000 in these coins. 5,000 were specially struck for her, featuring a burnished finish and an anti-oxidant coating. 

These are known as “Type 2” coins, differing from the standard Sacagawea dollars. Many Type 2 coins are on the market but beware of fakes. Look for certification by a reputable coin grading agency for authenticity. The finest examples graded SP69 by PCGS have sold for record prices, with the current value estimated at $5,200.

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The most collectible 2000 P Sacagawea dollars range from unique errors to high-quality presentation coins. It’s advisable to invest in coins certified by reputable independent agencies like NGC, PCGS, or ANACS to ensure authenticity.

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