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Top 10 Most Valuable Dimes

Top 10 Most Valuable Dimes

Dimes are those small and ordinary coins that hold extraordinary value in the world of numismatics. Collectors and enthusiasts try to find rare and valuable dimes that can enhance their collections.  

What are the Top 10 Most Valuable Dimes?

Most collectors will tell you that the older the coins, the more is their market value. Only a few dimes in circulation are worth the money. Most US coins are minted for circulation at three production sites i.e. Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

One of the most exciting things about coin collecting is the possibility of finding a coin that can change your pocket’s worth. Some of the rarest and most valuable coins are worth millions of dollars. So if you come across an unusual-looking dime, take time for a little research because some dimes can be worth more than 10 cents. 

What Is the Historical Significance of the Top 10 Dimes?

A dime is a US coin whose worth is 10 cents. It is regarded as the smallest in diameter and thinnest coin in circulation in the US.  The coin was first denominated in 1792 under the Coinage Act. The word ‘dime’ comes from the French word meaning ‘tenth part’. 

The current design of the dime has been in production since 1946, making it the longest-running dime in the history of the United States. However, the design of the coin has changed constantly over the years, here are a few remarkable genres of dime in history. 

Dimes (1792)

The Coinage Act of 1792 authorized the mintage of ‘Dimes’ whose value is considered as one-tenth silver weight and value of a dollar. In 1972, a number of dimes were produced but were never put into circulation, the reason being low demand and production problems at the US Mint.  

Draped Bust (1796-1807)

Draped Bust was the first dime minted for circulation. Robert Scot, the then-chief engraver designed this coin. A portrait of Lady Liberty is featured on the obverse side of the coin on the other hand, a bald eagle surrounded by palm and olive branches features on the reverse side of the coin. 

Seated Liberty (1837-1891)

Christian Gobrecht designed the Seated Liberty. These dimes were 90% silver and 10% copper. Lady Liberty sitting on a rock, features the obverse side of the coin, holding a staff with a liberty cap on top whereas her right hand holds a shield with the inscription “LIBERTY”. The reverse side of the coin features the inscription “ONE DIME” surrounded by a wreath. 

How Rare and Scarce Are the Top 10 Valuable Dimes?

Most collectors and experts will tell you that more older the coin more is its worth. Still, there are coins in circulation that are worth your time and trouble.  

A Roosevelt dime contains 90% of silver which is worth more than their face value. While antique dimes could be sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

However, most dimes in circulation are not that much typically valuable in the same way as rare and collectible coins. 

List Of Top 10 Most Valuable Dimes

Let us discover the 10 most valuable dimes that make them most valuable.

1. 1860-O Liberty Seated

The United States Mint produced Liberty Seated Dimes from 1837 until 1891. Minor design changes resulted in four different types of this dime. The 1860 O Liberty Sealed marked the end of this dime at the New Orleans Mint for more than three decades, until 1891. Only 40,000 dimes were produced in the year 2022, making it one of the lowest mintages. It is a rare coin and is highly desirable among many coin collectors. 

Estimated Value- $270,200. 

2. 1791 Draped Bust Dime 

Dimes were first produced by the United States Mint in 1796. When the first mint produced this coin in early 1797, there were only 13 stars on the coin. According to the United States Mint reports, 25,261 dimes were minted that year. Its complex design and historical significance make it highly preferred by collectors, who are willing to pay a premium for a piece of coinage history. 

Estimated Value- $253,000.

3. 1874-CC Liberty Seated Dime

Carson City Mint was built to produce coins for the United States, Due to the rising cost of silver, the United Mint reduced the weight of dimes from 2.67 to 2.49 grams in the middle of 1853. The pointed arrows on each side of the dime reflect the reduced weight of the coin. The scarcity and high grade of this particular coin make it extremely valuable. 

Estimated Value- $282,000.

4. 1916- D Mercury Dime

The 1916 D Mercury Dime is a key date in the history of the mercury dime series and holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. The United States  Mint first produced mercury dimes in 1916. This particular coin is well-built and has brilliant colorful toning on both sides of the coin. Its rarity and demand increase its estimated value. 

Estimated Value- $195,500. 

5. 1894- S Barber Dime  

It is a legendary rare coin in the world. Records indicate that the United States Mint produced 24 proof dimes at the San Francisco Mint facility in 1894. The reason for such a low production of dime is unknown. With only nine known specimens, this dime is the dream for collectors aiming to add them to their elite collection. 

Estimated Value- 1,997,500

6. 1938- S Mercury Dime 

There is nothing different about the 1938 S Mercury Dime. It is relatively common and the United States Mint at San Francisco made 8,090,000 of them. Although, this coin is not circulated and is in untouched condition. A wealthy coin collector would pay a dear amount to add it to his collection. 

Estimated Value- $364,500

7. 1800 Draped Bust Dime

Here’s another example of an extremely old coin in a nice condition. Mint records reported that only 21,750  dimes were produced that year. According to numismatists estimates, less than 100 of these 1800 dimes still exist for coin collectors to acquire. Any coin collector wishing to acquire the best possible collection of draped bust dimes would have to purchase this coin since it is the finest known example of all known 1800 draped bust dimes in existence. 

Estimated Value- $352,500

8. 1803 Draped Bust Dime 

For a coin that is over 200 years old, to survive in such a fine condition is remarkable. When the United States was in its infancy, coin collecting was not so popular. People were more concerned about making income than concentrating on hobbies. However, somebody removed the coin before it saw circulation and preserved it for future generations. This coin is the finest known 1803 bust dime and hence it commands such a high price. 

Estimated Value- $322,000

9. 1796 Draped Bust Dime

Although numismatists do not agree this coin as proof coin but experts agree that some special handling and preparations were made in the production of this coin. The details are extremely sharp which shows that it was struck from a fresh set of dies. The mint produced over 22,000 such coins but numismatists estimate that less than 1000 exist today. 

Estimated Value- $881,250

10. 1873- CC Liberty Seated Dime ( no arrows ) 

In 1873, all dimes produced at Carson City, Nevada were to have pointed arrows on each side of the date. The mint produced 12,400 dimes without any arrows, but workers seemingly melted all of them. However, one example has survived to this day and is considered as a unique coin by numismatists. 

Estimated Value- $1,880,000

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From the above article, we can conclude the value of a dime in monetary worth and its importance in the life of collectors. Finding a dime is also considered as good luck, so next time pay attention to the quality and life span of that dime.  


Q.1 Which American President is featured on one side of the dime?

Ans. President Delano Roosevelt is featured on one side of the dime. 

Q.2 What do symbols on the tail side of the dime represent?

Ans. According to the US Mint, a torch represents liberty, an olive branch is the symbol of peace, and an oak branch is the symbol of strength and independence.

Q.3 Which is the oldest dime in the world. 

Ans. Draped Bust Dimes is known to be the oldest dime. 

Q.4 What’s the rarest dime?

Ans. S-Roosevelt Dime is considered as the rarest dime of all time. 


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